Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Price of first LEI registration or renewal with a reasonable fee for the time. If you’re evaluating costs with some other service provider, make sure the total cost is included. It is customary to show the price without the GLEIF fee upfront. Freephone assistance and unlimited email support are included in all of our programs.

Prices for LEI numbers

Our LEI pricing is listed here, except for any relevant VAT. The cost of renewing an LEI number is the same as the cost of registering for a new LEI number price. Our prices include customer service in English. Customer service for the LEI Service is available by phone and email. Our LEI pricing includes free updates if the registered legal entity changes. This ensures that the GLEIF LEI database is constantly current with the most up-to-date LEI data.

How much does it cost to renew an LEI code?

The cost of renewing your LEI is determined by the renewal plan you select. The renewal charge for LEI Service is $48 if you pick a 1-year subscription (excluding any applicable VAT). The cost of a one-year renewal is the same as the cost of a new LEI registration. Choose one of our multi-year renewal programs to save money on your LEI renewal.

Who is responsible for the costs of obtaining a new LEI number?

For an LEI code, there are two payment options: If a legal entity registers itself, the legal entity is responsible for the registration fee. A non-related legal entity has been permitted to handle the legal entity’s LEI registration. This is referred to as aided registration. The charges for the new LEI code are paid by the entity administering the LEI registration in the case of aided registration.

The legal entity identification will aid banks and credit providers in monitoring business borrowers’ exposure. It will make it impossible for banks to make several loans against the same asset. Companies can obtain an LEI through any Local Operating Unit or the assistance of service providers like Registration Agents. An LEI Registration Agent is LEI REGISTER. Our primary goal is to assist Indian businesses in obtaining an LEI in a timely and straightforward manner.

Who has the authority to issue a Legal Entity Identifier code?

GLEIF is in charge of LEI issuance. The GLEIF is the organization in charge of issuing LEIs. The GLEIF does not issue LEIs directly; instead, they are issued via a network of public and private companies that operate as LOUs. Its mission is to provide LEI registration, renewal, and operate as a portal for organizations seeking to receive an LEI.

The LOU Registry is not the same as the LEI Registry. The LEI Registry, on the other hand, serves as the Registration Agent. Our mission is to assist businesses and government bodies in obtaining accurate information regarding LEIs and to coordinate communication between LOUs and entities seeking an LEI Number. We verify data using publicly available services such as the national Business Register and others.