Mon. May 22nd, 2023

Paying council tax on a house is mandatory for every homeowner, even if they are not living there for years. Whether you are a resident or a foreign investor owning an empty property, you cannot avoid paying pay double council tax. It makes their second house a wasted and expensive resource to hold.

Unfortunately, there is usually no shortcut to how to avoid paying council tax on an empty property, though some circumstances may help you get a discount in the tax amount. Likewise, some exemptions to the two-year-empty rule may help some owners avoid paying the council tax.

You will not receive a council tax bill if you are the jail unless it is not for non-payment of council tax. The same goes true if your property is derelict and nobody can live in it by law. Most local councils consider a property derelict if it is damaged by vandalism, rot, and weather, and it’s not possible to reside in that home. Likewise, a property needing major structural work to be wind-and-watertight comes in the category of derelict property.

You will also not pay council tax if your property is a compulsory purchase for future demolish. Likewise, you can get a discount on your council tax if your home is undergoing structural changes. Your local council will inform you about the day when you have to start paying the tax on your empty property being refurbished.

The above scenarios make it challenging for almost anyone to hold an empty property for a long time. However, if you do not want to sell your second home that is increasing its value, and council tax is not a problem for you, rent it out. It will let you make money from your property, which is better than making a deeper hole in your pocket to hold it.

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